About Pike Trail

Where Our Name Comes From

The views on our property were breathtaking; hundreds of thick, dense cedar pine trees covered our land. At the edge of the wood, an incredible view overlooked the wide expanse of the Missouri River.  We had a problem, however. While we relished in the privacy the wood offered, it served as an impediment to our little piece of the Missouri River. We decided, then, that a trail was needed on our property. With a little blood, sweat, and a few re-sharpening’s of my hand axe, I eventually cut a trail to our view. And what is a trail without a name? 

Where Our Name Comes From

We decided that “Pike” was a worthy name. It is said that “pikes” in reference are generally winding. The usage of “pike” in the dictionary comes from versions on the pike weapon that were used to block access to the road until the toll was paid; perfectly illustrating our gritty path.  This described our new trail perfectly. Its name, indeed, was Pike Trail. Pike trail is narrow as it weaves its way along the edge of a massive ravine on one side and a steep canyon on the other. The elements around the trail do not allow for short-cuts.  The journey down Pike Trail never fails to challenge with its boulders to climb and steep crevasses to navigate. However, the payoff is absolutely worth it.  When you finally make it, the view is amazing and displays nature in its finest most pure form.

Pike Trail Virtues

Our company is named Pike Trail based off of these same virtues and values of relentless determination and a passion to create products that are tough enough to survive and protect us in the great outdoors.  We strive to put this same kindred spirit into each of our products, never compromising on quality and always committed to bringing you gear that will last.  No short-cuts are ever taken at Pike Trail as we continually search for and create products around our journeys down the trail.

About Josh Hendershott

My passion for the great outdoors has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, a large part of my existence was spent hiking the woods, camping with friends, along with taking fishing and hunting trips with my Dad. Through these experiences I developed a certain ease with the wild that has stayed with me my entire life. Living in NE Ohio afforded me close approximation to the Allegheny Mountains in North East Pennsylvania where an easy day trip could put me deep into the heart of the wilderness. During summers, camping and white water rafting adventures meant taking a drive to Ohiopyle State Park where navigating the rapids and making camp was part of the skills that were developed. In 2007 I moved west with my wife and 3 girls to Columbia, MO. Columbia is a great place to live and has many attributes, one of which is a great trail system where the MKT trail starts in downtown and connects to the KATY trail near the Missouri River. My family values this local treasure and my wife and I have used it as a resource to help our kids experience nature in essentially; our city’s backyard. The KATY runs along our property next to the great Missouri River and I cut Pike Trail so that it could be a continuation for this great trail network. Pike Trail has given our family so much enjoyment that I wanted to develop a product line that helps others experience the many gifts the great outdoors has to offer. I look at our products as a partnership with you as our customer and I truly hope that we can provide you with solutions to making each one of your adventures into the wild, more enjoyable!

See you on the trail,