The goal with any hike whether it is a 5 month journey across the Pacific Trail or a quick day hike on the local trail, is to only take what is necessary to complete the journey. The reason for this is obvious, we want to be as light as possible so that we can save our energy and use it efficiently to complete the hike in a safe and enjoyable way. Beginner hikers tend to overpack and in turn excerpt more energy than necessary. Over time with gained experience comes the understanding of “the essentials”. Here is an example list of essential items for a 5 day hike with the goal of staying under 35lbs. As always, each hike is dependent on climate and conditions so please research and plan accordingly. This hike was planned for a 5 day hike in non-extreme weather.

Gear List for a 5 Day Hike in Mild Weather

Item Weight (kg) Weight (lb)
TOTAL EQUIPMENT 7.061kg 15.56lb
Sleeping Bag (including bag) 960.0 g 33.86oz
BIVY Shelter 900.0 g 31.75oz
Backpack 670.0 g 23.63oz
Pad 434.0 g 15.31oz
Pike Trail pocket blanket 195 g 6.88oz
Pullover 400.0 g 14.11oz
Wind Breaker 370.0 g 13.05oz
Umbrella 303.0 g 10.69oz
Stove 270.0 g 9.52oz
Shell Pants 250.0 g 8.82oz
T-Shirt Long Sleeve 240.0 g 8.47oz
Camera 170.4 g 6.01oz
Thermal Base Layer 170.0 g 6.00oz
Sleeping Bag Liner 140.0 g 4.94oz
Hat (sombrero) 127.5 g 4.50oz
Cooking Pot 0.85lit 118.0 g 4.16oz
Medical kit 100.0 g 3.53oz
Water filter/bottle 95.0 g 3.35oz
Water Bag 90.0 g 3.17oz
Fuel Bottle 84.0 g 2.96oz
Tripod 80.0 g 2.82oz
Radio 80.0 g 2.82oz
Rope 80.0 g 2.82oz
Journal, pen, maps 75.0 g 2.65oz
Flashlight 70.0 g 2.47oz
Soap 68.0 g 2.40oz
Bowl / Cup / Scoop 61.3 g 2.16oz
Brief 61.0 g 2.15oz
Toilet Paper 60.0 g 2.12oz
Space Blanket 51.0 g 1.80oz
Water bottle 50.0 g 1.76oz
Knife 48.1 g 1.70oz
Towel 42.0 g 1.48oz
Matches/Wood/Candle 40.0 g 1.41oz
Socks (2pair) 36.4 g 1.28oz
Bandana 28.4 g 1.00oz
Monocular 25.4 g 0.90oz
Sunglasses 20.4 g 0.72oz
Tooth Powder 20.0 g 0.71oz
Storm Whistle 20.0 g 0.71oz
Lighter 20.0 g 0.71oz
Battery (spare) 16.7 g 0.59oz
Head Net 14.0 g 0.49oz
Toothbrush 10.0 g 0.35oz
Spoon 9.0 g 0.32oz
Spare Light 7.0 g 0.25oz



Food (5 days) 4.350 kg 9  9/16
Water 2.000 kg 4  7/16
Fuel 0.400 kg 14.1oz
Salt & Spices 0.050 kg 1.8oz
TOTAL PACK WEIGHT (not including clothes worn) 14.055 kg 30.56lbs



WORN 1.004 kg 2  3/16
Trail Shoes 0.600 kg 21.2oz
T-Shirt 0.182 kg 6.4oz
Shorts 0.090 kg 3.2oz
Underwear 0.057 kg 2.0oz
Socks 0.040 kg 1.4oz
GPS Watch 0.035 kg 1.2oz