Mini Sized when packed yet expands to 56”x60” when unpacked, allowing up to 4 people to sit comfortably! Great for any occasion simply slide it into your pocket or attach it to your pack with its carabiner.


Premium Best-In-Class Material -Reinforced Waterproof Rip Stop Nylon! This material is extra STRONG and resists the sharpest sticks and rocks making it the most durable pocket blanket available on the market!

100% Waterproof

It really is 100% Waterproof, Sandproof & Windproof! The material will not absorb any water, so it’s always DRY! Sand WILL NOT pop up through the seems when you're at the beach!

See what our customers are saying about the Pocket Blanket!

Great ground cover

This is perfect for my hunting backpack. I use it for ground cover under my light weight shelter tarp to keep myself and gear dry in the rainy Pacific Northwest forest. It is very easy to roll back up and put it into its small storage bag.

Great buy!

Packs down small. Perfect to stick in the car or take in purse/suitcase anywhere. I used it on a trip to Yellowstone in August. Great size, can use on the damp ground without worrying about a damp butt! I'm considering purchasing another and giving a couple as stocking stuffers.

Great Value

This is the perfect size for our family when we go out exploring. Great quality for the price. You can't go wrong with this blanket. I am going to order 2 more so I can have a spare in each vehicle. I hate forgetting to bring chairs to a soccer game, now I won't have a wet/dirty bottom if that happens.

There Are No Shortcuts at Pike Trail

The journey down Pike Trail isn’t exactly easy with boulders to climb and steep crevasses to navigate but the payoff is absolutely worth it.  When you finally make it, the view is amazing and displays nature in its finest most pure form. Our company is named Pike Trail based off of these same virtues and values of relentless determination and a passion to create products that are tough enough to survive and protect us in the great outdoors.

Our Core Product

The Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

We’ve tried them ALL and have created Pike Trail’s pocket blanket to be useful for every outdoor scenario. Pike Trail pocket blankets are constructed together using a high grade, 100% waterproof and extremely durable material for your toughest outdoor needs. Don’t worry about this blanket blowing away in the wind! It has 4 Corner Sand Pockets and Stake Loops to keep it anchored.

After all, we use it for all of our outdoor adventures too and expect only the highest quality and performance with all of our hiking gear!

Pike Trail Sleeping Bag Liner

Our soft, breathable cotton sleeping bag insert will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Cottons durability and ease of washing makes it the perfect candidate for camping.

  • Cotton Comfort
  • Ideal Sizing
  • Ultra Lightweight and Compact
  • Full Length Zipper
  • Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

Pike Trail Hiking Gaiters

Durable polyester layers prevent water, snow, dirt and debris from dirtying or damaging your clothes. Our anti-tear polyester won’t rip and offers the best protection from the elements on the market. We wouldn’t buy gaiters with plastic buckles and neither should you..!! This is why our gaiters were designed with metal buckles to give you many years of use.

  • Waterproof and Tear Resistant
  • Adjustable for All Sizes
  • Simple Fit
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Carry Bag Included

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