Find the Best Gear You'll Need for This Year's Elk Hunt

Find the Best Gear You'll Need for This Year's Elk Hunt

August is here, so it's time to gear up for the first elk hunt of the season. Getting close to nature takes on a new meaning when you're hunting big game, and you shouldn't get caught in the trenches without the best equipment.

Ultralight waterproof gear is crucial to staying on the hunt through various terrain and weather conditions. Let's dive in and discover the three most essential items to pack for the perfect elk hunting experience. 

What Should I Plan for Elk Hunting?

Before you decide on which gear to pack, be sure to take a little time and plan your trip. The last thing you'll want to do on your big game hunt is to pause to determine your next moves. Build a plan of action with the coordinates you want to cover, blinds you wish to use, and notes on historical weather patterns. Be sure you have your hunting license and research the individual state laws and regulations if you're traveling for your elk hunt. 

Do I Need a Packing List?

Packing with a purpose will be critical, especially if you bring a lot of gear on your trip. Stalking elk requires you to be light on your feet and ready to move at a moment's notice. Using ultralight gear saves precious space and weight in your pack, meaning you'll always be prepared to take your shot. 

Three must-haves on your packing list should be a good pair of socks, lower leg protection for trudging in rough terrain, and a packable, lightweight blanket. These three simple things protect you from some of the most dangerous aspects of big game hunting, besides the hunted. 

Why Are Quality Socks Important?

There is a reason that the most advanced military in the world stresses the importance of something unassuming like socks. Quality, breathable socks are critical for good foot health. Spending a long time on your feet, hiking through dangerous paths, and wet crossing ground can put your feet through the wringer. A great pair of well-crafted, 100% waterproof hunting socks is imperative on any big game hunt. The ability to trudge comfortably through water, mud, and rocky terrain or not can determine your trip's success. 

Brown hiking boots, a must-have ultralight gear for hiking, hanging over a cliff with mountains in the background.

Don't let your elk hunting trip be cut short because of wet feet. 100% waterproof, breathable socks from Pike Trail keep your feet cushioned and dry, no matter where you find yourself.

Pike Trail has built a quality product for the serious big game hunter. These socks are crafted from three layers of moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric that keep your feet comfortable and odor-free for up to 24 hours. Once you experience the difference from Pike Trail, you'll never want another pair of socks. 

How Can I Protect My Legs in Rough Terrain?

Depending on where you are, the start of the elk hunting season in August also means the middle of tick season. No matter where you are, however, protecting yourself from these harmful bugs is another crucial part of having a successful big game hunting trip and safeguarding your health!

Each year, almost half a million Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease. In most cases, the source of the vector-borne illness can be linked directly to a tick bite. Lyme disease causes headaches, fatigue, and muscle weakness and can be debilitating if left untreated. Lyme disease-carrying ticks are why protecting your body with properly fitting clothing and your lower legs with leg gaiters is highly recommended. 

Using Leg Gaiters from Pike Trail is a great way to protect your lower legs from ticks and mosquitos, chiggers, snake bites, mud, and other elements you might encounter while on your elk hunt. Choose between four different camouflage leg gaiters, and all are 100% waterproof made from rip-stop nylon and 900D polyester. If you're in a snake-heavy location pick up a pair of Snake Gaiters instead.
A deadly brown and gold snake lying on stones. To protect yourself, include Snake Gaiters in your ultralight gear must-haves.

The Pike Trail Coyote Brown or Olive Drab Snake Gaiters are an excellent option if you are faced with deadly snakes but still need to stay lightweight for your hunt. Made from a plastic core and tough nylon casing with 360° protection, the Snake Gaiters are made to withstand even the most powerful of bites. 

Should I Pack Multi-Use Gear?

Packing lightweight gear that pulls double, or even triple duty, is crucial if you are trying to stay light on your feet. An outdoor blanket that can also be used as an emergency shelter or tent footprint is a great way to save on space and weight during long hunts. 

The Pocket Blanket from Pike Trail is entirely made from rip-stop nylon, comes in six different colors, and is the perfect elk hunting accessory. Lay out the blanket and have a comfortable resting place during your hunt, or use it in unexpected weather for a quick emergency bivy shelter. The Pocket Blanket from Pike Trail is also 100% waterproof, so you can be sure you'll stay dry if the weather turns. 

Prep For Elk Season With Ultralight Gear From Pike Trail

It's a bummer to leave a big game hunt early because you weren't prepared, but with ultralight gear from Pike Trail, you'll feel at ease staying as long as it takes to bag the win. Made from quality materials with hours of research, ultralight gear from Pike Trail keeps you quick on your feet, dry as a bone, and ready to stalk even the largest of bulls.

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