Our Core Products

Pocket Blanket

We’ve tried them ALL and have created Pike Trail’s pocket blanket to be useful for every outdoor scenario. Pike Trail pocket blankets are constructed together using a high grade, 100% waterproof and extremely durable material for your toughest outdoor needs.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Our soft, breathable cotton sleeping bag insert will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Cottons durability and ease of washing makes it the perfect candidate for camping.

Hiking Gaiters

Durable polyester layers prevent water, snow, dirt and debris from dirtying or damaging your clothes. Our anti-tear polyester won’t rip and offers the best protection from the elements on the market.

There Are No Shortcuts at Pike Trail

The journey down Pike Trail isn’t exactly easy with boulders to climb and steep crevasses to navigate but the payoff is absolutely worth it.  When you finally make it, the view is amazing and displays nature in its finest most pure form. Our company is named Pike Trail based off of these same virtues and values of relentless determination and a passion to create products that are tough enough to survive and protect us in the great outdoors.

From Our Journal

4 Essential Survival Tips for Hikers

  Build a Solar Still using your Pike Trail pocket blanket Construct a Shelter with your Pike Trail pocket blanket Rig a Snare Get your Bearings by making a Compass   1. A Solar Still is one of the best ways to get water in a dry climate Directions: First find a low, unshaded area […]

The Ultra-Light 5 Day Hike

The goal with any hike whether it is a 5 month journey across the Pacific Trail or a quick day hike on the local trail, is to only take what is necessary to complete the journey. The reason for this is obvious, we want to be as light as possible so that we can save […]

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