2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Waterfowlers

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Waterfowlers

Aside from deer hunting season, waterfowl hunting is the country's second most popular hunting sport, with over 1 million active waterfowl hunters at any given time. From September to January each year, hunters are looking to harvest as many geese and ducks as possible.

Since we're right in the middle of the waterfowl hunting season and the holidays are coming up, you might be wondering what you could get for your favorite waterfowl hunter. Fortunately, we put together the perfect 2022 holiday gift guide for waterfowlers. Let’s dive in and discover both valuable and exciting gifts everyone will love.

Waterproof Socks for The Win

Waterfowl hunters will often trudge through wetlands and marshes over several days. Having socks that are 100% waterproof is a great way to take care of your feet and extend your hunting trip. The waterproof breathable socks from Pike trail keep your feet dry while wicking moisture away. You can get the socks in four color combinations and four different sizes, so they’ll stay dry and warm no matter your foot size. 

Duck Calls

Duck calls have been proven to increase your chances of a successful duck hunt. Any serious waterfowler will appreciate a new duck call as the reeds in these instruments do tend to wear out over time. You can find duck calls at many different price points, from relatively inexpensive to high end.

Increase Stability with Trekking Poles

Traversing through swampy and marshy environments means constantly adjusting your footing and balance on trails. That may not be well maintained. The ultralight carbon fiber trekking poles from the pipe trail. Aim to increase your comfort by trudging through these painful areas. Weighing only 7.15 ounces per pole. Pike Trail carbon fiber poles are 30% lighter than standard aluminum poles. They are more lightweight, durable, and collapsible, making them easy to throw in your pack on a long hike.

Protect More Than Your Feet with Hiking Gaiters

Having 100% waterproof socks is recommended when waterfowl hunting, but protecting more than your feet can mean the difference between a one-day and an extended hunting trip. Waterproof leg gaiters are a great way to protect your feet and legs from trekking through mud and water when waders aren't needed. The goal is to retrieve ducks without soaking your foot and pant leg. Pike Trail’s leg gaiters are perfect for waterfowlers. They are 100% waterproof and fit just about anyone with a 19” or less leg circumference. The Pike Trail leg gaiters come in nine color combinations, so there is something for everyone to like. 

Duck Call Lanyards to Keep Everything Within Reach

Serious waterfowlers will tell you there’s nothing worse than seeing a duck, only having it fly away when they reach in their pocket for the call. Duck call lanyards go around the neck like a necklace and are designed to hold multiple calls. Reaching for your call on a lanyard is both quieter and quicker. 

Multipurpose Blankets for Emergencies

Waterfowl hunters usually spend long periods near the water, and frequently, there isn’t a place to sit or relax. A multipurpose fabric, like the Pocket Blanket from Pike Trail, is essential for maximum comfort and emergencies. The Pocket Blanket is made from 100% ripstop nylon and is completely waterproof. You can use the Pocket Blanket on the ground for a clean sitting area, as an emergency blanket, or as a quick tarp shelter to get out of the elements. The Pocket Blanket comes in four colors and has its carrying bag and carabiner to attach to your pack.

Decoy Ducks

Did you know that ducks see more colors than humans? Their incredible eyesight means they are uniquely great at noticing even the slightest human movements. Like a good duck call, decoy ducks are essential to waterfowl hunting. Decoy ducks come in many different sizes and colors, so choose something that resembles your local duck population.

Boot Dryer for Soggy Shoes

While waterfowlers' feet may stay dry from their 100% waterproof socks, their shoes most likely won’t. A boot dryer is an excellent gift idea for avid waterfowl hunters. Boot dryers allow boots to hang upside down while forcing air inside to dry sneakers or boots in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry. You can find many different boot dryer options at multiple price points.

Up Your Hunting Game with Technology

While traditionalists will say that the best waterfowl hunters use only their instincts and calls to find flocks, others will tell you that the best way to hunt down your intended target is with technology. onX Hunting is an app that was designed to do just that. This powerful app allows you to map and notate your hunting areas while providing crisp and accurate 3D data. 

Cookbooks for After the Hunt

One of the main reasons for waterfowl hunting in the U.S. is to eat the game. Preparing, processing, and cooking game birds can be challenging. One misstep and you could become seriously ill from the meat. Many options exist, but a waterfowl cookbook is a great way to finish the hunt. 

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