Tips for Having Fun When You're Camping in the Rain

Tips for Having Fun When You're Camping in the Rain

Going camping is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in the great outdoors. However, your experience camping can be so dependent on the weather. If it's nice out, there are an unlimited number of ways to spend your time basking in the glow of Mother Nature. However, if the weather is rainy (and you're not someone who likes to get cold, wet, or muddy), it can be harder to find ways to pass the time while you're away from home.

Luckily, it's totally possible to still have fun—even while you're camping in the rain. Here are four of our best ideas for having fun while camping in the rain. (After all, who's going to let a little water ruin a glorious outdoor excursion?!)

Bring Books, Games, and Activities

When you're packing to go camping, consider packing activities that you can do in your tent in case it rains. A deck of cards, a small board game that's easy to play on an uneven surface, or crossword puzzles will all help you pass the time—and make it enjoyable if it's raining outside. Also, pack books to read. There's something truly magical about the experience of reading a book in the silent solitude of nature.

Go Puddle Jumping

It doesn't matter how old you are—it's always fun to jump in puddles and get a little muddy. Actually enjoy the rain itself by bringing boots that can get muddy and hiking gaiters. When it's safe to be outside (even if it's still raining), don your boots and gaiters and go out and stomp around in the mud. Once you're done splashing around (this is especially fun with little kids!), use fresh water to rinse off your gaiters then hang them to dry once the sun comes back out. Wearing waterproof socks under the boots can also help your feet stay comfortable in the water.

Snuggle Up with Someone You Love

When you prepare your tent properly, it can be one of the coziest places in the world. If you're camping with someone you love, it can be incredibly fun to simply lay back, relax, and cuddle with them while it's raining. Camping while it's raining can be all about the time you spend together. Get some much-needed R&R if this camping trip is your vacation, or recover if you've spent a long time hiking and need a break. You've earned it, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Cook on a Camping Stove

It can be hard to get a fire going in the rain. But a camping stove or grill is easy to fire up when it's raining. Bring an extra tarp on your trip and string it up in the trees to create a shelter. Then, use the grill under the tarp. Cook something delicious and intricate like you would any camping trip, then enjoy it under the tarp or in your tent. It's hard not to enjoy yourself (even while camping in the rain) when you have some delicious grub to eat.

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