Essential Tips For Cooking and Eating Great Camping Meals

Essential Tips For Cooking and Eating Great Camping Meals

If you are planning a camping trip, you're probably considering what food to bring. Food is important in emergency situations if you get stranded, and to refuel if you're hiking. But, if you want to have an overall magical camping adventure, you probably want great camping meals to be a part of your experience.

At the end of a long day of hiking or outdoor activities, camping meals are a great time to bond with the people you're traveling with and an important way to refuel. Mistakenly, many people think they have to eat roasted hot dogs and s'mores while they're out in nature. However, it's possible to prepare great camping meals. Here's how.

Bring Equipment to Cook On

Consider bringing a small grill or coal stove to cook on. Many grills or stoves fold up and can easily be carried in a backpack. With a stove or grill, you can prepare more things than if you just have an open fire you can stick food items into.

Bring Equipment to Cook With

If you are going to be bringing a grill or stove to cook on, make sure you bring utensils to cook with for great camping meals. You'll want to bring tongs, a spatula, spoons to mix sauces or ingredients, and compostable plates and utensils for everyone. Bringing equipment to best enjoy your camping meals ensures that you can keep your hands clean, enjoy the food, and be safe while you cook.

Bring Food Items That Don't Need Refrigeration

You don't need to bring a ton of raw meat or dairy products to create a great camping meal. However, you don't need to limit yourself to hot dogs and marshmallows. Bring lots of fresh produce that doesn't need refrigeration and basic seasonings. Also, consider canned, pickled, or dried proteins.


You can make a huge variety of meals with interesting ingredients that don't need a refrigerator, and they will allow you to eat gourmet camping meals on your adventure.

Bring Something to Sit On

Don't forget to bring something that allows for communal seating at a camping meal. Mealtime is an opportunity to bond and share stories, and you don't want to have to sit on muddy ground or be separated in tents. Instead, get camping chairs you can put in a circle and tote them with you while backpacking.


Alternatively, get a bunch of pocket blankets and spread them out on the ground. You can have the most epic camping picnics ever.

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