Use These S'Mores Tips While Camping To Make Better Campfire S'mores

Use These S'Mores Tips While Camping To Make Better Campfire S'mores
If there's one food that's most associated with camping it's definitely s'mores. These delicious graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow treats are so much fun to roast around a campfire. They're also a great way to have a delicious dessert after your main camping meal. Despite how great s'mores are, the traditional s'more can really get boring. But you can change all that! Read our list of tips for better s'mores so that you can create even more delicious, creative concoctions that will make your mouth water and adequately refuel you after a long day of hiking.

Roast the Graham Crackers

One of the most important s'mores tips you'll ever need to learn is to roast the graham cracker in a s'more, not just the marshmallow. Consider roasting the marshmallow per normal, creating the s'more sandwich, then using tongs to stick the whole sandwich in the fire. Once the graham cracker starts to toast (and the chocolate is melted but not dripping out), then you're ready to go. Roasting the graham gives the s'more a more complex, nutty flavor.

Switch Up the Chocolate Bar

Most people use a piece of a plain bar of milk chocolate in their s'more. Go wild and try something more unusual or flavorful. Consider using a chocolate bar with peanut butter in it for a unique nutty taste. Or use a chocolate nut spread like Nutella for even more singular flavors. Alternatively, use white chocolate for a substance that will melt in a similar way to milk chocolate but give it a little bit of a lighter, less-intense flavor. 

Switch Up the Crackers

Are you a fan of salty and sweet together? Consider swapping out the graham crackers for another type of cracker entirely. Ritz crackers or club crackers are salty, buttery crackers that would balance well with the rich, sweet taste of the chocolate and marshmallow. Alternatively, if you have a type of crispy cooky you like to eat, one of the best s'mores tips is to make your smores between two cookies rather than between two graham crackers.

Eat Them a la Mode

Do you have cold storage with you camping? Or is it your first night out, and you've just arrived? Bring some ice cream with you. Make your s'mores and toss them into small bowls. Then add ice cream. S'mores a la mode are delicious because the cold of the ice cream cools down the temperature of the s'more from the fire without detracting from the taste. The creaminess of the ice cream can cut the intensity of the flavors in the chocolate, graham, and roasted marshmallow. 

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