Top 5 Hints for Successful Camping in Winter

Top 5 Hints for Successful Camping in Winter

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, and camping is a way to revel in that beauty for longer — without taking breaks to go back home and sleep indoors in your own bedroom. To you, camping may seem like a warm-weather activity. After all, it's not safe to have a heater in your tent, and sleeping in the frigid air might seem unappealing — if impossible — to you. In reality, however, camping in winter can be one of the most fun activities you do outside. All you need to successfully camp outside is the right gear, as well as an adventurous, brave, and can-do attitude. With the right attitude and the right stuff, you'll have an unforgettable experience sleeping under the stars in the colder months. Here are some hints you need to keep in mind if you've decided you want to tackle the fun challenge of winter camping.

Use a Sleeping Bag Liner

There's no doubt that you can find a sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough to snuggle up in during the winter months. But to really make your sleeping experience successful when camping in winter, get a sleeping bag liner. A sleeping bag liner is like a camping sheet that is lightweight, and it has its own sack, so you don't have to worry about toting it around or stuffing it tightly into the sack that has your sleeping bag in it. The sleeping bag liner covers your sleeping bag so you can keep it clean and dry while you sleep in it. It can also help protect your sleeping bag if the ground under your tent is wet — no one wants to sleep in a wet sleeping bag, especially in the cold! Pike Trail's sleeping bag liner is made from durable cotton and can be washed over and over, which means you can use it one weekend, wash it, and throw it in with your camping stuff again and again. You won't have to worry about it wearing down or needing to replace it.

Carry an Extra Blanket 

If you're a regular camper, pack all your usual sleeping gear during colder months. But make sure you pack extra blankets in case the temperature is colder than you expect. Blankets can be bulky, though, so if you need to carry extra blankets while you camp, invest in a pocket blanket. A pocket blanket is a lightweight but warm blanket that folds up and zips into itself. It can be hooked onto your belongings and toted around easily. It won't make your pack heavier, and it won't take up extra backpack space that could otherwise be used for nourishment, hydration, or other important stuff you need to carry with you while you're on the go.

Use Hiking Gaiters

Most likely, you'll have to do some hiking to get to where you will be camping in the winter. This is true even if you are driving to a campground but have to hike out to your designated camping spot. If you are going to be hiking through any snow or ice this camping trip, make sure you invest in and wear hiking gaiters. Hiking gaiters are shoe and ankle covers that zip over your hiking boots. They cover the opening to your shoe and sock and pant so you can avoid getting any dirt, debris, water, snow, or ice inside your clothing. Getting any of these things inside your clothes can lead to injury. Wet socks can lead to blisters on your feet, and ice on your skin can cause frostbite. Having dirt or insects inside your pants or shoes can cause painful or unhealthy bites or cuts. But you can avoid all these risks by simply wearing hiking gaiters, which keep you as comfortable and protected as possible during your winter adventure. 

Get All Your Winter Camping Gear at Pike Trail

Camping in winter can be a cinch if you have all the right equipment and know-how to do it. To make sure you have all the equipment you need to do winter camping right, check out the inventory at Pike Trail. At Pike Trail, we test our hiking gear to ensure that your hikes are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. We sell camping equipment that you can't find at just any outdoors store to ensure you have all the little-known items you'll need to make winter camping a success. If you browse through our inventory of products, you'll see that our hiking and camping products aren't just high-quality and attractive, they're also budget-friendly. We believe that camping is an activity that every person should be able to do, no matter the season. So we want you to be able to afford our gear without getting further stressed about money. Once you have all the gear you need to camp successfully in the cold, pack up your car and go. Mother Nature is waiting for you to enjoy her splendor! 

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