Your Guide to Comfortably Going Backpacking in the Rain

Your Guide to Comfortably Going Backpacking in the Rain

Hiking is one of the world's greatest activities. It's free, you can do it basically anywhere that has a hilly terrain, and it's fun no matter the weather. You may think that hiking is only something you can do when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. In reality, however, you can go backpacking whether it's 80 degrees and summertime or it's below freezing in the heart of winter. You can also go hiking if you live somewhere where there is a rainy season—even on a day it's raining.

Backpacking in the rain is an activity that can be not only possible but particularly enjoyable because it's a unique way to enjoy the outdoors. The rain comes with a unique solitude since most living creatures hide away from the water. You can also be totally comfortable backpacking in the rain by loading up on hiking and camping gear that can keep you dry and comfortable.

If you are making a plan to go backpacking in the rain, read our tips for hiking during the rainy season. Follow these tips to ensure you stay comfortable on your excursion and have a great time—rain or shine. 

Look at the Weather

Make sure you take a look at what the weather is going to be for your backpacking trip in the week and then days before you go. If you are going for multiple days and plan to camp, make sure you bring the clothing and bedding that is going to keep you comfortable in case you are cold and wet during portions of the day. Rain can make things a lot colder than dry weather, so be prepared to bring more layers and heavier blankets if your backpacking trip is supposed to be on days when it is raining outside. 

Get the Right Gear

When you are hiking in the rain, you need to make sure you have all the right gear. In addition to the gear you always need for hiking, you'll need a lot of waterproof items—like a waterproof backpack, a tarp for under your tent, a waterproof outer jacket and pants, waterproof gaiters, and more. The ultimate goal of backpacking in the rain is to be able to do it and get water on you but not to have everything you own get wet.

The things you own that do get wet will need to dry in a sheltered spot overnight, or during a time when the sun comes out and it's not raining. So, try to keep as many things dry as possible by investing in waterproof gear.

Dress Warmly

The rainy season tends to cool. Cloudy skies without rain result in much cooler weather than sunny skies. So if you're backpacking in the rain or during the rainy season, make sure you dress warmly. You don't want to be out on a long hike or camping trip and become cold, realizing that you haven't expected the weather to be as cool as it is.

Bring Layers

If your rainy season includes alternating bouts of sunshine and rain, make sure you bring layers to backpack in. Layers are the best way to ensure you are always at the right temperature while you are adventuring. When it is raining and cool out, waterproof outer layers will keep you warm and keep the rest of your clothes protected.


Waterproof gaiters will protect your legs, and waterproof socks will protect your feet. However, when the sun comes out, you'll want to shed those outer layers and fold them up into your backpack. Then you'll be cool enough to traverse any terrain without feeling frozen or overheated.

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