How to Stay Comfy When Camping

How to Stay Comfy When Camping

There is no question that one of the most magical, romantic, and fun activities you can do is go camping. To sleep out under the stars is a great way to connect with nature around you and also to remind you that you and your worries are pretty small in the  grand scheme of things. Camping, no matter the season, has physical and mental health benefits. It's also a good way to socialize with friends in the era of the pandemic when the safety of hanging out indoors with people is constantly in flux.

If you are planning a trip to go camping, one important step to take is making sure that you are comfortable while you're there. Setting up a comfy tent and campsite will mean the difference between a rejuvenating, otherworldly kind of sleep out in nature, or an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning while you try to slumber on the ground.

Luckily, it's not too hard to get comfy while you're camping. All you need to do is learn about what can make a tent comfortable or uncomfortable; what precautions you need to stay safe and healthy; and how you can ensure that the gear and equipment you bring help make your experience better and more enjoyable without weighing you down.

Here are the best tips that we have for having the comfiest camping experience possible. If you get it right, it really will end up being an experience that you'll never forget.

Bring a Tarp

You probably already know this, but in most camping situations, you set your tent up on the ground (sometimes there are platforms). To stop your tent from getting wet in case the ground is wet, or if it rains or snows while you're already there, you can put a tarp on the ground first and stake that tarp down before you stake your tent on top of it. Give yourself an extra layer of material to stop any moisture from seeping into the tent and getting you all wet while you're cozy in your sleeping bag.

Pack Your Sleeping Bag Liner

Speaking of being in your sleeping bag, instead of sleeping directly in your sleeping bag, get a sleeping bag liner that goes inside of your sleeping bag like a sheet. This protects the sleeping bag to make it last longer, and it keeps you warmer while you're slumbering. It also stops you from needing to wash your sleeping bag so often since you'll be sweating onto the liner and not directly into the sleeping bag.

Use Camping Chairs or Hammocks

Outside of your tent, you're going to probably want to do some sitting. When you eat dinner, spend time around the campfire, or simply gaze out into the darkness, you'll most likely want a place to sit down and feel comfortable. Don't rely on what a campground might have set up. Pack camping chairs or portable hammocks you can set up in trees. Having camping chairs or hammocks with you greatly ups your comfy factor at your campsite and ensures everyone has someplace to by while they're eating, relaxing, and spending quality time together.

Store Food Outside of Your Tent

This one's just for pure safety's sake. If you're camping in the wilderness, you're also sleeping in the bedroom of all of those animals that normally live in that wilderness. So, to keep yourself safe from any animal that has a super-powerful nose and wants a bite of whatever you had for dinner, keep your food well contained and sealed (in a bag or plastic container, or even in your car) outside of your tent.


If you can, put it in a place that is far from where you are sleeping and not easy to access. There have been many scary stories about bears getting into tents at night because they smell food that people have brought in their tents with them. Avoid any unwanted visitors in your sleeping quarters by making sure your food is far away. This is also a very good trick for avoiding unwanted midnight snacking! 

Bring an Extra Pocket Blanket (or Two)

Blankets can be bulky to carry when you're out in the wilderness. This is especially true if you are hiking to where you are camping. But fear not, there is a blanket alternative that is lighter and more portable but won't weigh you down to carry it with you to your campsite. This is a pocket blanket that folds up into itself and can be carried around in a little pouch. A pocket blanket is an excellent way to ensure warmth while still leaving your regular bed comforter at home for your camping trip.

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