The 4 Essential Items You Didn't Know You Needed for a Successful Hike

The 4 Essential Items You Didn't Know You Needed for a Successful Hike

Are you a person who loves to hike? Maybe you've invested in the basic gear that you need to get you moving through the great outdoors. Most people know you need good shoes with traction to make it over hills and different textures of ground outdoors. Also, many people know that there are certain clothing items that can help with hiking. Wearing layers is a smart choice when you go hiking. Having a water bottle is also smart to bring on your hike, so you can stay hydrated as you go. However, while all these beginner hiking items will prepare you for a simple, short hike, there are some additional items that seasoned hikers know will make any hike better and more comfortable. 

Read on to learn more about the essential items you should have if you want to become a serious hiker. These objects will not only keep you comfortable while you're out on your great wilderness adventure, but they can also keep you safe and supported as you traverse hilly, ice, or wet ground.

Hiking Gaiters

As mentioned above, it's pretty typical to know about hiking boots with traction for anybody who wants to go on a successful hike. But what many people don't realize is that they should also have hiking gaiters if they want to have the safest, most comfortable, and healthiest hiking experience. Hiking gaiters are a piece of clothing that cover your ankle, the top of your shoe, and your calf while you hike. These waterproof covers help ensure that no moisture, dirt, or debris gets into your shoe or sock while you hike. This can be important, especially when it's cold out or when your shoes don't fit perfectly, because wet socks can end up causing terrible blisters or even frostbite. Hiking gaiters can also be important when you are hiking through pebbly ground or sand because you don't want sand or rocks getting into your shoes and causing discomfort either. Take the best care of your feet by investing in hiking gaiters today.

Snake Leg Guards

Hiking gaiters are an important type of shoe cover to have when you're hiking. However, depending on where you are hiking and what lives in the environment you're walking in, they might not be enough protection. That's especially true if you are hiking in a heavily wooded or wet area where snakes tend to spend time. It can be hard to see snakes in dense vegetation or if the ground where you're hiking is dark or covered. For that reason, you'll want to invest in snake leg guards. Snake gaiters look similar to hiking gaiters. They also cover your ankles, the tops of your shoes, and up your calves. The difference between typical hiking gaiters and snake gaiters is that snake leg guards are thick and unpierceable (by snake fangs). You'll want guards like these because sometimes, unwittingly, you can come upon a snake on the ground and nearly step on it. When a snake feels threatened, it will often lunge and bite. Depending on the snake, a snake bite can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Thus, by wearing snake leg guards, you decrease the chances of being bitten by a snake, and you increase the chances that you stay protected no matter what environment you're hiking in.

Waterproof Socks

Warm socks are essential for any hiker. But key for any hiker who wants to avoid pain or injury on a hike are waterproof socks. Waterproof socks conform to your foot, and they wick moisture away from your skin as it develops. This helps ensure that your socks do not get — and stay — wet, which is important because wet socks can cause all sorts of issues like terrible blisters or frostbite (as mentioned above). Waterproof socks are a great investment in winter or summer because, let's face it — no matter what season it is — your feet are going to sweat when they're working hard to carry you through your hike from start to finish.

Pocket Blanket

There are times on your hike you're going to want to sit down and rest. Maybe you've brought an energy bar to refuel, and you want to sit and eat it. Maybe someone in your party gets injured and needs a rest. Or maybe you've come upon a scenic view, and you just want to enjoy it. You can't hike with a chair. But you can hike with a pocket blanket. A pocket blanket folds into a tiny square that you can hook to your backpack or slide in your pocket. It is incredibly lightweight but can be spread out over the ground to sit on and keep your pants dry and clean while you do. You can also use a pocket blanket if someone gets injured on the hike to cover them and keep them warm or to wrap yourself in if you get cold during the trek and don't have enough layers on.

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